est. 1986

Pasarel offers a diverse, quality selection of items from a wide variety of interests and periods.
Ranging from jewelry to antiques, brand new to centuries old, we pride ourselves on having something for everyone.

Our jewelry collection features our in-house jewelry designer, the renowned and acclaimed Billy Shmerling Sender.
In addition we also carry numerous pieces of jewelry from different designers, brands and of various ages.

The Judaica section is unparalleled in terms of quality and rarity.
Located in Israel we have the added benefit of a close relationship with the Judaica world, providing access and insight only few are privy to.

Whether you are a collector, dealer, enthusiast or simply a casual shopper, we are confident that you will find something to your liking in our collectible and silver sections.
The eclectic collection will find common grounds with even the most unusual of interests.

In the rare case you do not find what you seek, feel free to write us and inquire.
We guarantee lightning speed replies and an attentive ear.