About Us

Pasarel was founded as a family business by Billy and Moty (short for Mordechai) Sender in 1986, bringing together the expertise of both husband and wife.

Billy Shmerling Sender, a well-known and respected Israeli jewelry designer, started out as a photographer, graduating the first class of the renowned Israeli photography school “Camera Obscura”.

Billy then turned to jewelry design studying at the “Omanit” school for design and later specializing in jewelry at the “London Polytechnic”.

Billy designs jewelry for the woman of the new millennium – liberated, aware of her past but free from its restraints, self-confident, and conscious of her value. Her custom designs include unique combinations of gold, diamonds, and precious stones as well as other mediums including wood, crystal, and various other precious materials. Billy’s original contemporary creations are inspired by variety of antique styles, while giving a modern dimension and a hint of humor and sensuality.

Moty (Mordechai) Sender begun collecting antiques and Judaica over 35 years ago. His main interest and expertise is in antique silverware and rare Judaica, however his collection and knowledge spans many other subjects and fields, among which are – decorative arts, collectibles such as sports and historical memorabilia, militaria, rare books, watches and clocks and fine art.

In 1986, Billy and Moty brought their interests and passions together and opened up their shop in Netanya, Israel, appropriately named “Billy’s”.

The store’s offerings included Billy’s unique designs and a vast selection of antiques, collectibles and Judaica.


With the dawn of the digital age and the proliferation of E-Commerce and online marketplaces, Billy and Moty brought into the business their two sons.

Their eldest, Tom, a software engineer and early adopter of all things digital focused on the technological aspect of bringing the business into the new age.

Their youngest, Adam, built on and extended Moty’s passion for silverware and collectibles, expanding the range of items and interest.

This combination of the older, more experienced generation, along with the fresh outlook, innovation and enthusiasm of the younger generation marches Pasarel towards new goals and uncharted frontiers.



Contact Information:

Email: sender@pasarel.com

Pasarel Ltd.
18 Levanon St.
Neve Itamar

Phone Numbers:

Head office: +972-9-8610367
Fax: +972-9-8820449
Billy’s mobile: +972-505-447446
Moty’s mobile: +972-544-214175

We are 7 hours ahead of EST time zone and 10 hours ahead of PST time.
In spite of the time difference, please feel free to call at any time.
Someone is always available at one of these numbers.