The Fox & Vineyard Parable Glass Cup Goblet, Ca 1930.

Beautifully decorated with etched and engraved with the fox and the vineyard parable (Talmud and Aesop) scene: There was a fox who desperately desired to enter a gated vineyard to consume the fruit within.
Eventually the fox found a way under the gate, but he was still too big to fit through the narrow hole.
Thus he fasted until he was able to fit under the gate.
Once inside he feasted on the succulent fruit.
When it was time to go he could not fit under the gate because of all the fruit he had eaten.
Thus he had to fast again to fit under the gate.

S/N:  0099-0101



Very Good.


130gr. / 4.2in.


Height – 17cm. / 6.7in.


Apparently unmarked.



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