David Ben-Gurion Estate – Harrods Sterling Silver 170pcs Cutlery / Flatware Set, Germany, 1950’s.

This set was made in Germany and retailed by the renowned English department store – “Harrods”.
This very set was used in the Ben-Gurion family for formal dinners and holidays.
This magnificent set is made for 12 diners and comprises:
12 table knives (length: 20.5cm / 8in).
12 table forks (19.5cm / 7.67in).
12 tea spoons (13cm / 5.12in).
12 dessert forks (17.5cm / 6.89in).
12 cheese knives (18.5cm / 7.28in).
12 pastry forks (15.5cm / 6.1in).
12 tea knives (16.5cm / 6.5in).
12 coffee spoons (10.5cm / 4.13in).
Sugar tongs (11cm / 4.33in).
Sugar spoon (13cm / 5.12in).
Butter knife (19cm / 7.5in).
2 pickle forks (15.5cm / 6.1in).
Herring fork (20cm / 7.87in).
Herring knife (19cm / 7.5in).
Caster (14cm / 5.5in).
12 dessert spoons (18cm / 7in).
12 table spoons (19cm/ 7.5in).
2 serving spoons (20cm / 7.87in).
Serving fork (20cm / 7.87in).
12 fruit spoons (14cm / 5.5in).
12 fish forks (17.5cm / 6.89in).
12 fish knives (20cm / 7.87in).
Cake server (23cm / 9in).
Soup ladle (32cm / 12.6in).
Sauce ladle (18cm / 7in).

Full solid provenance: This set was part of the Paula & David Ben-Gurion estate which parts of it were sold recently in an auction in Tel-Aviv which raised a huge scandal in the Israeli.
The vendor of the estate was the granddaughter of Paula and David Ben-Gurion – Mrs. Orit Etzioni.The set is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by a certified notary and by Mrs. Etzioni (see pictures). 

The knives are made of sterling silver handles and stainless steel blades, marked -“Rostfrei, Solingen”.
Comes in the original wooden box with 3 drawers and a hinged top lined with green velvet.
The box is applied with labels bearing the pieces designation (see pictures).
The box is accompanied with a key and it is lockable.
Each piece is marked “925 sterling”; the box bears a label with the inscription – “Harrods Ltd. Cutlers and silversmiths, Knightsbridge, S.W.”.

S/N:  0099-4629



Very good, some pieces needs polishing.


Not including the box – 6558gr / 210.8oz.
Including the box – 23645gr / 760oz.
Approximate silver weight – 5000gr / 160.75oz.


Box height – 39cm / 15.35in.
Box width – 49cm / 19.3in.
Box depth – 37cm / 14.56in.


See item description.



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