Complete Song of Songs Scroll On Parchment, Poland, Ca 1800.

Handwritten by a scribe.Square Ashkenazi Script (Bet Yosef).
Tagin on  the letters  שעטנז ג” ץ and on the letters בדק חי”ה
Chet of R.Tam.
Petuchot and setumot according to Rambam and Rosh.
Brown wooden rollers, turned at handles and tips (usually the scrolls are held by one roller, in this case the scroll is sewn to two rollers, as a Torah Scroll).
42 lines.
The books of Song of Songs, hand written on parchment, are very rare.
Generally between the “five scrolls” of Hagiography only the book of Ester has these features.
The use to write the other “Megillot” on parchments was introduced by Eliyahu Ben Shelomoh Zalman (The Vilna Gaon) in the 18th century, who prescribed also to bless before reading them.

S/N:  0099-5004



Very good, few erased letters.


362gr / 11.64oz.


Parchment length: 45cm / 17.71in.
Text height: 32cm / 12.6in.




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