Rare & Important Jewish Child’s Pewter Amulet Pendant, Poland, Ca 1780.

The round medallion was made for safe keeping for new born child, one side is centered with the Hebrew letter “Hey” (God’s name – Jehovah), the letter itself with floral decoration, surrounded by Hebrew inscription “this child will raised for Torah, canopy and for good deeds (abbreviation).
The other side topped with two fish as a symbol for fertility and good luck in Judaism and Kabbalah, above seven line inscription: “that you will save the infant… Your nation Israel… And for mother shall not fall… In their lips, and made them grow for Torah, and protect them in your mercy, Amen”.

We recently purchased this item among other items from a small private museum in the town of Mir, Belarus.
According to the owner of the museum, this item, like the others, was found in the wreckages of the Jewish houses in the town of Mir that the German Nazi’s destroyed and burned during WWII.
Reasonable condition to its age, patina and corrosion, missing the hanging loop.

For a similar amulet please see “Jewish Tradition In Art – The Feuchtwanger Collection of Judaica” by Isaiah Shachar, published by the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, item 966.


S/N:  0099-6451



See item description.


5.4gr / 0.17oz.


Diameter – 28mm / 1.1in.




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