Dr. Haim Gamzu “Milieu & Landscape In The Israeli Painting Art” Book, Israel, 1957

Printed in Israel by “Hazvi” publishers, Tel Aviv.
The book includes an article by Dr. Gamzu “Changes in the attitude towards landscapes in the art of painting.”.
It also includes 10 color reproductions and 10 drawings by famous Israeli artists including:

Eisenscher: Tiberius (Gouache)
Aschheim: Yemenite girls (Lithograph)
Holzman: Lake of Galilee (Watercolor)
Sigard: Mazal and her son (Brush drawing)
Levanon: Old houses in Jerusalem (Oil)
Steinhardt: In old Jerusalem (woodcut)
Aroch: A red house in Meah-Shearim (Oil)
Pins: Kurdi Porter from Jerusalem (Woodcut)
Gutman: The synagogue of the Holy Ary in Safad (Watercolor)
Jean David: View of the Acre Harbour (Couache)
Zaritzky: Tel Aviv, View from my roof (Watercolor)
Simon: Mothers and children (Drawing)
Janco: Tents and people of the maabara (Oil)
Rubin: Camels and goats (Pen and pink)
Lubin: Tale for nargileh smokers (Gouache)
Naton: Fishermen from the Kinneret (Oil)
Ticho: Old olive-tree (Drawing)

In the last two pages Dr. Gamzu analyses each work.

Dr. Haim Gamzu (1911-1982) was the director of the Tel Aviv Museum of art between 1948-1950 and again from 1962-1976.

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