Rare Bezalel Meir Gur Aryeh “Hachalutzim” Book, Jerusalem, 1925

Important book regarding Bezalel art that was published by the school and dedicated to Prof. Boris Shatz, the founder of ‘Bezalel’.
Edited by Mordechai Narkiss, Jerusalem, 1925.
Second edition.

Includes 21 papercut silhouetters from Meir Gur Aryeh accompanied with pioneer songs.
With music notes collected by A. Z. Binder. ‘Bney Bezalel’ publishing.
This songbook was the chief source for the songs of the second and third waves of immigration.
Almost all were composed anonymously, excluding those of Yoseif Oscenberg, Yoseif Hapatman, Dovid Shimoni (Shemanowitz) and A.Z. Ben Yishai.

This songbook is unique in the fact that Mordechai Narkiss matched papercuts from the artist Meir Gur Aryeh to the songs.
These papercuts were very famous at the time and they were hanging on the walls of almost every home.

Impressed on the binding is a papercut with the artist’s signature.

Quality paper, transparent paper between the songs, hard cover.

Good, used condition
On the binding is an erasure of the library owner who sold this book.

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Size – 15cm. x 23.5cm. / 5.9in. x 9.2in.


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