Rare Hand Signed Letter By Henrietta Sald, December 1934

The letter discusses the Israeli Youth immigration factories work.
Written when Mrs. Sald worked for the Jewish Agency for Palestine and it translates as follows:

“The Jewish Agency For Palestine
Central bureau For The Settlement Of German Jews.
Chairman: Dr. Ch. Weizmann. Palestine office:
Jerusalem P.O.B 92, Telephone 671, Director: Dr. A. Ruppin. Ref no. 8511/6/5625
Jerusalem, Tevet 6th TaRZa”H 12.12.34

To: H’
Dear Sir,
I herby return to you the letters of the foundries and metal-works from November 30th and December 5th.
I have found great interest in your reports and am approaching you to consult on how to make best use of the available options for the religious youth arriving in 1935. I hope you will accept the role of mediator between the youth immigration [Aliyat Hanoar] and the factories.
Respectfully, Henrietta Sald.”


S/N:  0100-9023



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Width – 22cm. / 8.66in.




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