14k Gold Sapphire & Corundum Necklace & Padlock

The necklace is made in a contemporary up-to-date look, built of three types of links: A flat oval link with a wide round frame bezel in the center, set with a blue sapphire of 0.05ct in each, a flat rectangular link with a square frame bezel in the center, set with a princess cut Sapphire of 0.08ct in each, and a connecting link engraved to a look of three attached wires.
The necklace is closed with a large padlock, which is used both as a lock and as a pendant.
It is beautifully engraved with vertical lines to match the design of the links, and it has large suitcase like corners.
The locking piece of the padlock is also flat and made in square lines to match the necklace.
The center of the padlock is set with a 10X10mm deep blue Corundum stone, to complete the look of the necklace and decorate it as a centerpiece.

We use a natural white gold which is a bit yellowish, however, if you prefer your jewelry snow white gold, we will treat it with rhodium for no additional cost.

Designed and crafted by the famous Israeli jewelry designer Billy Shmerling Sender.

S/N:  777-0302





Total weight – 62.5gr. / 2.0oz. Necklace – 44.7gr. / 1.43oz.Padlock – 17.8gr. / 0.57oz.Sapphires total weight – 1.43ct.Round sapphire – 11X0.05 = 0.55ct.Square sapphire – 11X0.08 = 0.88c


Total length – 20.5in. / 52.07cm.
Length without padlock – 20.0in. / 50.8cm.
Width – 0.23in. / 0.6cm.
Padlock total length – 1.37in. / 3.5cm.
Padlock – center part – 0.82×0.94in.


Signed Billy (In Hebrew) and 585 for 14k gold.



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