14k White Gold & Black Diamond Necklace

The necklace is set with 51 black diamonds with a total weight of 0.5 carats, it has a silk matte finish and the white gold is rhodium treated.
It is made of three types of interlinking links and the connectors are hidden and flexible for a smooth look.
The links are in different heights which allows for different light reflections and shading.
The lower “step” link is connected on a hinge which allows it to move side to side, and so, the general look of the necklace changes by the way its worn and gravity.
The necklace.
The clasp is slide-in with a safety 8 shaped lock and is made of one of the links to keep it hidden and a perfect match.

Designed and crafted by the famous Israeli jewelry designer Billy Shmerling Sender.

S/N:  777-0328





117.8gr. / 3.79oz.


Length – 15.5in. / 39.37cm.


Signed Billy (In Hebrew) and 585 for 14k gold.



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