Rare! The Complete Kabbalah Guidance And Amulets Book ,Rabbi Ohana Tiberias / Jerusalem 1905

Important complete Kabbalah guidance book.
This book is a xerox copy of the book “The children vision” by famous Kabbalist Rabbi Rephel Ohana from the holy city Tiberias, originally published in Jerusalem, Palestine (Israel), 1905.
The book includes Kabbalah cures and advice for health, children, good fortune, matching and future telling, collected from all over the world, arranged in an alphabetical order.
In addition it specifies the exact content, Kabbalistic drawings and actions for different amulets.
At the end of the book is a medicine dictionary.
It is a complete book, gathering Kabbalah knowledge from different books, manuscripts and Kabbalah scholars from all over the world.
The book is written in Hebrew and Rashi letters. The original book was offered on sale by us a few weeks ago. Since so many customers show their interest in it we offer for sale copies of it.

A very rare Kabbalah item, highly sought after by collectors and Kabbalah scholars and students.

Also spelled: Cabala, Cabbala, Caballa, Cabballa, Kabala, Kabbala, Kabbala Kabala, qaballa, qabbala, qabala, qabballa

S/N:  9100-2187





329.5gr / 10.594oz.


Length – 8.1in / 20.574cm. Width – 6.2in / 15.748cm.




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