Abel Pann Signed Color Lithograph – “Cain And Abel”.

Signed in pencil.

This print belongs to the Genesis (La Genese) Series Portfolio by Abel Pann that comprises 25 lithographs.
The lithograph is signed in the print itself.
In the portfolio’s introduction to the portfolio Pann says: “The task I have set myself involves a serious responsibility. The enthusiasm which my work arouses in me is often clouded by painful doubts and questionings. For that same book which has inspired many a genius to produce his masterpiece has proved to be beyond the reach of a far greater number of artists. But the absolute truth is with God alone. Mankind is ever subject to error. And so I entreat the indulgence of my judges.”


S/N:  0099-6490



Very good.


1264gr / 40.63oz.


46.5cm X 33cm / 18.3in X 13in.


See item description.



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