Rare Bezalel Meir Gur Aryeh Loan Certificate Bond ‘Keren Hayesod’, Jerusalem, 1926

Certificate for one share in the ‘Keren HaYesod’. The price of the bond is two pounds one shilling and one penny. The bond was signed by Arthur Hantke. Printed in brown, with decorated and illustrations in brown and white from the artist Meir Gur Aryeh.
The illustrations depict agricultural and industrial work.
The artist signed in the plate.

Keren HaYesod was established in 1921.
At its annual convention in London on 1.4.1921, it was decided to fundraise 25 million pounds in 5 years.
This bond was part of that fundraising campaign.
The owner of the bond had that right to participate in the elections for representatives to the Keren HaYesod council.

The illustrator, Meir Gur Aryeh, was one of the renowned Bezalel artists.

Arthur Hantke (1874-1955), signatory on the bond, was the managing director of Keren HaYesod.

Hebrew and English.
Thick, quality paper.
With the goals of the Keren HaYesod and the rights of the donators in Hebrew in English on the verso.
The Hebrew and English date vary by four years!

S/N:  0100-8068



Fine condition



Size – 22cm. x 27.5cm. / 8.7in. x 10.8in.




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