4 Sotheby’s Catalogs – H Bradley Martin Library Illustrated British & Scientific Ornithology.

1.       Highly important Illustrated and Scientific Ornithology, New York. Date: 12 & 13, December 1989. Sale number: 5953. Mainly Black and white photos. Not paginated. Include sale’s results. Hard cover.
2.       The original water colors for Selby’s illustration of British Ornithology, New York. Date: June 8th 1989. Sale number: 5872. Color photos. Not Paginated. Hard cover.
3.       John James Audubon magnificent books and manuscripts, New York. Date: June 6th 1989. Sale number: 5870. Color photos. Not Paginated. Hard cover.
4.       Magnificent color-plate ornithology. Date: June 7th 1989. Sale number: 5871. Color photos. Not paginated.Hard cover.


S/N:  0099-3153



Very good.


4840gr / 155.6oz.


28cm X 21.5cm / 11in X 8.46in.




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