Sterling Silver Jewish Marriage Ring

Superb unique sterling silver (NOT silver plated) large Jewish marriage ring.
These were once commonly believed to be of the 17th century or earlier.
Of heavy cast silver, loaded with relevant Hebrew inscriptions they usually open to reveal a cup and two rings, a torch or other symbolic articles.
This kind of ring is a traditional Jewish marriage ceremonial ring, that was either part of a family estate handed down from generation to generation, mothers to new brides or more likely it was owned by the community and lent to the new bride for the week following her marriage for good luck.
This ring is a modern reproduction of a 17th century Jewish European marriage ring probably Italian.
In a square form this amazing ring is shaped as a domed structure reminding of the holy temple “Beit Hamikdash” or a castle.
It opens to reveal a marriage cup.
Engraved on both sides of the ring in Hebrew “Kol Sason Simcha, Kol Chatan V’Kala” & “Mazal Tov”.
This unique piece will be a great addition to any Judaica or Jewelry collection and it will surely make an outstanding wedding gift.
For similar ring please see Jay Weinstein – A collectors guide to Judaica 1985, page #233, item #318.

S/N:  9100-4291





85.64gr. / 2.75oz.


Size – 11.5 Top part – 1.7in. X 1in. / 4.3cm. X 2.5cm. Height above finger – 1.5in. / 3.8cm.


925 for sterling silver



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